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Travel Tips From The Lived Experience!

2020 has been a year for introspective travel. So many of us have been on inner journeys without considering the miles we've traveled. I invite you to recognize the inner travel experience you've had and share the hopes, dreams, and realities of your journey. Take your time, look around, and then make sure to follow me and drop me a line.  I look forward to traveling with you.

Blog Posts

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Traveling while vaccinated

As a travel blogger, I often see and hear that the reason for being vaccinated is to be able to travel.  The reality is that being vaccinated will not only…

Travel, From a Mature Lived Experience.

Let's Get Acquainted

This blog came out of my professional and personal experience as a world traveler. I spent 23 years as an international flight attendant for a major US airline. Since 2007 I have lived off and on in SE Asia as an ex-pat. I am a wife and mother of two wonderfully productive children. I have a master's degree in Organizational Development and a doctorate in Organizational Management with a concentration in management education.

With my many practical years of travel experience both as an international flight attendant and living abroad as an ex-pat, I feel more than accomplished to discuss the travel experience from a practical viewpoint. With my educational accomplishments, flight attendant experience, and theoretical knowledge, I feel more than adequately equipped to guide the travel experience from a mature lived experience.

Over the past few years, I have seen a proliferation of black travel sites, but as the year 2020 became dominated by Covid19 concerns, the content has decreased as significantly as travel. However, I believe that each of us travels, whether physical or mental and sharing the inner journeys can enrich us all as the physical locations provide. I chose to blog to share my many experiences as a mature world traveler. As a visitor, I invite you to join a fantastic community. Check out my About page to find out how my reflections on travel may influence you. Please comment with any encouraging thoughts and let us take a journey together. I am willing to answer questions and provide advice from my own lived and inner travel experiences. Thank you so much for being part of this community. There are plenty of ways that you can become more involved. Share your inner journey. I firmly believe that you will find it not so uncommon, and you might even pick up some tips and advice along the way.

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