I’m fifty-six, married, and mom to a son who’s 24 and a daughter 21. I have a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development and a Doctorate in Organizational Management. My written work has involved the research and exploration of broken agreements and management in the airline industry.

I spent 23 years as an international flight attendant for a major US airline and have lived as an ex-pat in Asia for over ten years. I love to travel, am fond of people and their cultures, and traveling in general. Traveling is often a topic of conversation for me, and I am genuinely passionate about sharing my travel stories and experiences. Blogging is a way of giving my honest guidance about travel, interacting with my audience, and becoming a source of insight into the travel experience.

Many people interested in travel often see photos and images that appeal to the audience but do not address the realities of travel. My experience as an international flight attendant has allowed me to see the excitement and pleasure of vacationers. However, it has also given me many opportunities to see the grief of loved ones returning home from a picturesque vacation without a loved one.

My goal as a blog writer is not just to show the picturesque travel sights but to share my lived experiences so that when one thinks about travel, they also think about the realities they may encounter. I hope to share serious posts about traveling while being respectful, matter-of-fact, and enthusiastic.

I hope you have enjoyed my posts to date and that you have found value in my tips and advice. I invite you to like, follow, share and stay connected with me on social media and subscribing to my email list. Thanks for joining me on this journey.