As a travel blogger, I often see and hear that the reason for being vaccinated is to be able to travel.  The reality is that being vaccinated will not only lessen your anxiety about social situations but puts others at ease as well.  However, being vaccinated is not a guarantee that you won’t get or spread the covid virus.  There are still precautions you need to take in social situations and when traveling.

Wear a mask.  If you chose to be vaccinated, it means you have made a social commitment to the health and well-being of others.   It means that you are caring enough about your health and the health of others to opt for a vaccine, none of which are 100% effective. Continuing to wear a mask is still part of the social commitment you take to show the value you have for people in social situations at home and abroad.

Covid testing is still a requirement in many places.  Just because you were vaccinated does not preclude you from Covid testing.  If the state or country you are traveling to requires testing, you will have to comply with meeting their requirements to travel. There are different types of testing and timing restrictions for testing.  Make sure you do your research and know what is needed to avoid any travel complications. I wrote a previous blog about Covid and its impact on travel that you may find helpful.

Follow the local guidelines.  Being vaccinated does not permit you to act without thought for others.  There are still state and country restrictions on the number of people allowed in a group, when and where to wear a mask, and even outdoor activities requiring you to wear a mask. Please be aware that you can be fined or confined for flaunting local rules, and you might have to cut your vacation short if you don’t follow local guidelines.

Be prepared to show documentation.  To date, there is no uniformity in requirements locally or internationally for vaccine or testing documentation.  Know that the documentation you have given to you at your local vaccination or testing site may not be acceptable at some places as documentation.  If possible, have paper copies of documents or authorizations printed ahead of time.  Often, we rely on our phones for data such as QR codes and emails; there is no guarantee you will be able to access this information at all times, so be prepared.

Finally, please remember that although you are vaccinated, there is no guarantee that others have been, particularly in social situations.  Especially on public transportation, when you are in confined spaces, be aware of the possibility that you can come into contact with someone who may be Covid positive.  We come into contact with hundreds of different people daily, and there is no way of knowing who, how, or where you may have interacted with the Covid virus. Be safe.

Have you been vaccinated and subsequently traveled?  Any complications or stories you like to share? I’d like to know.