The Top 3 Travel Questions I get Asked as a travel blogger (That May Not Always Help).

December 09, 2023

As a travel blogger, I’m fortunate to connect with fellow travelers and readers who often seek advice and insights into travel.  While I’m always thrilled to help, three travel questions appear frequently.  However, as much as I’d love to provide simple, foolproof answers, the truth is that these questions may only sometimes offer one-size-fits-all solutions.  In this blog post, I’ll address the top three travel questions I get asked and explain why the answers may not be the perfect fit for every traveler.

Question 1: “What’s Your Favorite Travel Destination?”

This question is like asking a parent to choose their favorite child – it’s nearly impossible!  I have been fortunate to travel professionally as an international flight attendant and personally as an expat.  While I’ve had incredible experiences in various destinations, my “favorite” can change depending on my mood, interests, and recent adventures.  What might be my dream destination could be entirely different for you.  I encourage everyone to research and explore instead of relying solely on my preferences.  Consider your interests, travel goals, and the experience you seek when choosing a destination.  It’s all about finding your perfect match.

Question 2: “How Do You Afford to Travel So Much?”

While I’m more than happy to share tips on budgeting and saving for travel, the truth is that everyone’s financial situation is unique.  What works for me may work better for you.  Income, expenses, and financial goals vary from person to person.  I am an empty nester, over fifty, retired, married, and have high travel expectations.  While I can and do offer suggestions like cutting unnecessary expenses or setting up a travel fund, creating a financial plan tailored to your specific circumstances is essential.  I prefer to travel in premium class but acknowledge that we all arrive at the same time regardless of the class of travel.  I also think my travel seems more to my audience because when I travel, it is always a memorable experience for me and with those I share it with. My travel goal is the overall experience, so I travel and budget accordingly.

Question 3: “How Do You Beat Jet Lag?”

I get this question a lot because, for many years, I have lived on different continents simultaneously.  As a frequent traveler, jet lag is a typical traveler’s woe, and there’s no shortage of advice on how to combat it.  I’ve tried various methods, from adjusting sleep schedules to staying hydrated, but something else may work better for you.  Jet lag depends on factors like the number of time zones crossed, individual sleep patterns, and overall health.  Experiment with different strategies to find what helps you recover from jet lag, whether it’s taking a nap, avoiding caffeine, or adjusting your schedule gradually.

I love talking about travel, but while these questions come with the best intentions, it’s important to remember that travel is a deeply personal experience.  What works for one traveler may not work for another due to differences in preferences, circumstances, and needs.  Use the insights and advice you gather from travel bloggers, including myself, as a starting point for your journey.  Adapt and customize your travel choices to align with your interests, goals, and circumstances.  After all, the joy of travel lies in creating your adventures and making memories that are uniquely yours.  Happy travels!

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