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The top 3 best black owned coffee shops in Dallas, Texas, and why I chose them.

by | Mar 26, 2023 | Travel | 0 comments

The ambiance can set the tone and mood for a coffee shop, providing customers with a comfortable and inviting environment. A well-designed space with the right lighting, music, and décor can enhance the overall experience of a coffee shop can make for a unique atmosphere. I have tried several black-owned coffee shops near me, and what I love about these shops is that they all have distinct personalities, unlike coffee chains like Starbucks.  A unique coffee shop experience fosters customer loyalty. Find out why I chose these coffee shops as the top 3 best black-owned coffee shops in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

If you’re in the Trinity Groves area of Dallas, please try Soiree Coffee Bar. I first tried Soirée coffee bar for a Sunday brunch and was pleasantly surprised with the jazz-themed atmosphere.  It offered bar seating, cozy sofa seating, plenty of tabletop seating, and outdoor seating.  I was sold on the cozy blue sofas but then came the live jazz, and I knew I would be a regular.  My go-to coffee drink is a latte, so I tried the salted brown sugar latte called the Ella Fitzgerald. I loved the uniquely named beverages and knew I’d return to try the different jazz-themed coffee offerings.  Bur Soiree coffee bar is not just for coffee and pastries; there are cocktails and a limited menu as well.  What I also love about Soiree Coffee Bar is that they give back to the community.  This fits the bill if you want to try a coffee shop that’s not standard.

Try Black Coffee if you are in the Ft. Worth area. As I drove up to the coffee shop, I was impressed with the mural on the outside wall with the Create Change signage. It evoked change in the Dallas area with the many new black-owned coffee shops.  Murals on the inner walls also kept the theme going with a painting of John Lewis on the inside.  If the Soiree coffee bar evoked jazz, Black coffee evoked a passion for creativity with social art.  The creativity continues with the merchandise this coffee shop offers.  In an ode to coffee lovers and how they prefer their coffee, black tee shirts are for sale that read, “no sugar, no cream” or “lotta sugar, lotta cream.”  No matter how you take your coffee, Black Coffee offers an offering that will fit your needs.

Another great coffee bar is Cup of Vibes, located in Arlington.  Walking into the coffee shop, you are greeted with a vibrant atmosphere, including a perfect photo wall.  I loved the bright yellow seating and the green wall in the back of the shop.  Although they provide plenty of coffee options, I love that they also have great tea options.  Their house refresher tea is a definite must-try. I was given a sample and know that it will be on my list when I return.  Like most coffee shops, they have pastries and a light menu.  Like the refresher tea, the smoked chicken salad is a definite must-try.  If you want to feel personally welcomed by your coffee shop, Cup of Vibes will make you feel like you’ve been invited rather than stopping in for coffee.

There are plenty of black-owned coffee shops in the Dallas area.  I chose these three because they show that black-owned coffee shops can be found throughout Dallas. These three live up to the experiences they offer and are all unique and different. If you’re in the Dallas Ft./Worth area, these 3 should be on your list if you want more than the standard Starbucks experience.


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