My stay at the Elewana Tarangire Treetops Tanzania

My stay at the Elewana Tarangire Treetops Tanzania

There are places and destinations that travelers have dreamed about experiencing.  Many times, the expectation may not fit the reality.  In the case of my stay at the Elewana Tarangire Treetops in Tanzania, it was beyond expectations.

The property is remote and is located just outside the Tarangire National Park.  It makes up for all you could want in expectations from property within a city proper.  The greeting not only includes the staff from the Treetops but local Maasai warriors in traditional tribal outfits.  Smiles and genuine happiness are evident from everyone was so heartwarming. The experience here truly depicts an example of sustainable tourism.

The Tarangire Treetops reception area is designed around an enormous baobab tree in Tanzania.

It foretold the actual treetop room I would eventually stay in and is an excellent site in terms of design and style.  In the reception tree, which must be hundreds of years old, live a colony of bats. Yes, bats! At first, I was skeptical, but as we sat down to dinner, bats flew around us, and there was no hint of mosquitos, no doubt due to the bats.  Another excellent example of the beauty of living within and with nature.

Dinner was on the patio with a nearby watering hole, where several animals visited throughout the day.  We saw zebras, impalas, elephants come right up to the property.  The animals were so protected and respected that we could not walk to our rooms since they roamed the property freely.  Going back and forth to our room, the Maasai tribesmen often escorted us, a surreal experience. There was also a sundown cocktail experience on a hill with a beautiful sunset and snacks served by our personal butler and staff.

The property itself is in southern Maasailand.  We got to visit a local Maasai village which was yet another unbelievable experience.

The Maasai elder of this village had more than 70 children and countless wives who all lived in harmony. We got to see their homes which are incredibly simplistic and functional. The warm-hearted reception from the Maasai people is a memory I will never forget.  Even with the different cultures, I left feeling that the Maasai were more blessed than I would ever be.

My treetop room was a treasure and truly exemplified my childhood dream of living in a treehouse. The room was large with a practical open design.  It included a large wrap patio from which we had excellent views of the sunset and treetops.  A wrap-around deck was attached so you could sit out and commune with nature.

Our final night included an outdoor dinner in a traditional Boma with a giant bonfire, dancing and chants from the Maasai people, and an incredible menu.  We also got to enjoy a walking safari, night game drive, sundown cocktails, and have a fantastic safari experience.

If you are considering an African safari, you will not be disappointed with the Elewana safari experience.  Have the Elewana Treetops inspired you? I’d like to know.

Know before you travel.

Know before you travel.

After being confined for months, people are ready to travel. Whether domestic or international, there are a few considerations to make if you plan to travel. From my lived experiences, here are five things I think you should consider.


Be prepared to show vaccine documentation and not just for covid-19. As I stated in a previous blog post, being vaccinated against covid-19 or other viruses does not permit you to act without thought for others. In addition, there is no uniformity in requirements locally or internationally for vaccine or testing documentation. Know that the documentation you have given to you at your local vaccination or testing site may not be acceptable at some places as valid documentation. Be aware and know before you fly.

Visa requirements.

Many new travelers overlook the fact that some countries require a visa before entry. The US Department of State is a great site to visit to determine if the country you are planning to visit has visa requirements and what they are. Although the US passport is highly valued, many countries still require a visa before entry. Sometimes these are available at the airport, but some countries require prior authorization.

Passport requirements.

Many people assume that having a passport is all that’s needed for international travel. However, as a general rule, US travelers need to have at least six months of validity left on their passports before they travel. Of course, there may be cases where this is not a requirement, but please ensure you have a valid passport if you plan to travel.

Flight options.

Flights are another overlooked aspect of travel that many new travelers do not realize is important. Often new travelers are swayed by the price of the trip rather than the duration of the journey. It is essential to consider whether your flight is nonstop, and if not, how many stops are included to reach your destination. As a rule, most travelers try not to have less than an hour between flights to be cautious of delays. However, some routes might include long airport layovers or even overnight stays. Be careful with your flight options.

Trip insurance.

I have also written about trip insurance before. I highly recommend adding the cost to your travel budget. With unforeseen personal circumstances, airline delays or cancellations, and weather conditions, travel insurance is well worth the cost to ensure your travel goes smoothly, or you are aptly compensated.

There are many things to consider when planning travel. With so many travelers choosing to make plans on their own, knowing what’s needed is essential. Have you ever been caught unaware? I’d like to know.

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