Five reasons for not traveling debunked.

Five reasons for not traveling debunked.

As a lifelong traveler, I have had many people be amazed at my travels. However, I have also heard the many reasons why people decide not to travel. Here are the top five reasons I’ve listened to and why I believe they are just excuses.


I believe that people make time for what they truly want. I know this to be true from my lived experience. If a person finds travel significant, they will find the time to make it happen. The great thing about traveling is that you can make your trip as long or short a stay as you desire. I have known people to fly to another state to have lunch. Don’t use time as a deterrent to travel; it’s simply an excuse.


Travel costs are yet another unsubstantiated excuse for not traveling. Currently, there are many different options to shop and compare prices for hotels, Airbnb’s, car rentals, airplane tickets, and other travel expenses. When considering travel, one needs to decide on a budget and plan travel around what can fit into that budget.

Travel partners

There are so many different travel groups where you can search for a travel partner. You do not even have to share accommodations or expenses with your travel partner. You can be in the exact location at the same time. There is no need to wait for the perfect travel partner because there might never be one.


Simply put, is False Evidence Appearing Real. If you have a fear of flying, there is a course for that. If you have a fear of closed-in spaces, there’s also a course you can take. There is simply no way to conquer your fears but to face them. If you have a fear of traveling, then you have to start traveling.


An often-used excuse is I’m too old, or I’ll wait until retirement. I say never put off for tomorrow what you can do today as it simply may not come. In addition, many tour groups consider age groups and that cater to the specific traveler preference.

These are, but five of the arguments people use for not traveling. There are many more. What is/has been your excuse? I’d like to know.

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