Expert Advice: 4 Comfy Travel Outfit Ideas & What NOT to Wear When Traveling

Expert Advice: 4 Comfy Travel Outfit Ideas & What NOT to Wear When Traveling

When traveling, it is common to see eye-raising outfits, from pajamas to skimpy outfits.  Gone are the days when travelers got dressed up for travel, but that doesn’t mean you should dress sloppily.  You can choose comfy travel outfits that are the best and most comfortable for travel.  My advice would be to avoid anything that has metal hooks or buckles and avoid strappy shoes.  These items can be a nightmare when going through security.  Additionally, comfort over style will win the day, especially on long flights.  Most importantly, choose outfits that make you feel confident. I’ve shared ideas on preparing for travel, but here are a few suggestions regarding choosing comfy travel outfits.

Do not dress for location.

It’s tempting to wear strapless tops, shorts, or tees when thinking of warm destinations or bulky sweaters for cold destinations.  However, it is better to dress for comfort during your journey than for your intended location. Dressing in layers is always a good idea. Although dressing for a summer or winter vacation might be tempting, aircraft temperatures do not match their destinations.  There is no accounting for the airplane’s temperature, so layer your outfit. It’s advisable to have a jacket or sweater, as airline-supplied blankets are not always guaranteed.  Conversely, bulky clothing can be equally uncomfortable when traveling on an aircraft with a broken air conditioning system.

Graphic tees.

While a great way to make a statement, remember that you travel on transportation guided by very different rules than your own. It’s always best to be cautious about what you wear on a flight.  Graphic tees with inappropriate language or images can be seen as disrespectful.  In many cases, travelers may claim free speech or civil rights perfectly great to you, but your graphic tee might be offensive to some and could lead to conflict.  Graphic clothing is not worth the pleasure of travel to justify your clothing choice if getting to your destination is a priority.

Dress for comfort.

Some jeans can be very comfortable for travel clothing but can become constrictive if you travel a long distance.  Leisure outfits can be more forgiving on longer flights and more of a comfort.  You are also more likely to go through screening machines more quickly as most leisure outfits do not come with metals or need belts and buckles as you would with pants and jeans.  Flying will often make you feel bloated.  Tight clothing, like tights or Spanx, will become uncomfortable over time. It’s also a good idea to wear darker clothing as they will be more forgiving if you encounter spills or get dirty.

Jumpsuits or overalls.

Although jumpsuits or overalls can be appealing, they are often a hassle to get on or off if you must go to the restroom, and they require almost total disrobing to use the restroom.  Moreso, given the size of most bathrooms on the airplane, they can be problematic.  While jumpsuits can be stylish and comfortable, they may not be the most practical or versatile choice for travel clothing.  Choosing clothing that is comfortable, easy to move in, and can be mixed and matched is best.  Additionally, you cannot change a top or bottom if you spill something on yourself.  You must change your jumpsuit or overall or wear it for the whole journey.


Choosing the right shoes can be a lifesaver.  As a former flight attendant, I have to point out that heels, while attractive, can puncture a slide in an emergency.  Flip-flops can also fly off during an emergency, so avoid wearing them on airplanes.  In addition, you may have to run through the airport to make your flight, and flip-flops are not a good idea.  Closed-toed shoes like flats or athletic shoes are best.  They are comfortable and protect your feet much better than sandals if someone, unfortunately, steps on you.

More than anything, your outfits for travel should be comfortable for you.  As a former flight attendant and seasoned traveler, knowing what not to wear sometimes can be super helpful.  You don’t have to dress to the nines, but dressing tastefully will be appreciated.  I hope these suggestions help for a more pleasant travel experience.  Let me know about your experiences with different travel outfits.

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