Preparing for travel is more than just getting your travel outfits together.  There are many considerations to make when preparing for your travel journey.  Here are just a few ideas that I hope will help make your next trip more pleasurable.

Travel with small bills.  Credit cards are great to have and should be part of your travel plans. However, many times there are foreign transaction fees to be considered.  Also, all credit cards are not universally accepted.  Most destinations still prefer the US dollar. In some cases, even over the local currency.  Additionally, when travelers use larger cash denominations, they get back the local currency.  If you don’t plan to be in the destination for an extended time, the local currency is not always easy to convert and becomes a travel souvenir.

Packing cubes are super helpful for packing.  They help to organize your luggage and help to keep items from rolling around in your suitcase.  They are also beneficial as laundry bags for your return trip and can be used as shoe bags, or cosmetic bags.  I recently upgraded the cubes I use to compression packing cubes.  These are great because they have an extra zipper that helps to compress the items and save space. They also help if you travel with bulky items and want to save room in your luggage.

International travel power adapters.  A travel adapter allows you to use your electronics in walls with different sockets.  There is a difference between an adapter and a converter.  An adapter helps to make your electronic plugs fit into a socket that is different from yours.  A converter changes the voltage to match your device.  Many devices are dual voltage.  It is always best to make sure your electronics are compatible with the country’s voltage.  Recent adapters have been upgraded to include not only multiple outlets but USB adapters.

Portable power banks. These are great to have when outlets are not available, especially outlets that are different from yours.  They help to ensure your phone or electronics have an extra burst of battery life when needed.  Note that portable power banks utilize lithium batteries which are not allowed as cargo but allowed in carry-on bags.  There are different sized power banks. The tradeoff is that the larger power banks are bulkier and heavier for travel.

A luggage scale can be invaluable.  With the cost of overweight luggage, knowing how much your luggage weighs before you get to the airport can be a tremendous financial saving.  Not only will your luggage scale be helpful before your trip, but also on your return with the addition of souvenirs and bargain finds.  Try to find a scale that is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry.

What is your go-to travel prep? I’d like to know.