Personal information: The Dangers of Sharing Boarding Pass Barcodes on Social Media

June 10, 2023

Even before starting EbonyTravelers, I was a big fan of social media. When you live continents away from your family and friends, social media is sometimes the easiest way to stay in touch. However, oversharing is dangerous, and sometimes we are blissfully unaware of the information we give to people who may not have our best interests at heart. When sharing our travel experiences on social media, we must be mindful of the information we reveal. One crucial detail we should never display in pictures is the barcode on your boarding pass. Here’s why:


Personal Information at Risk:

The barcode on your boarding pass contains sensitive personal information, including your name, flight details, and frequent flyer number. Cybercriminals can use this information to gain unauthorized access to your travel accounts, steal your identity, or even disrupt your travel plans.


Identity Theft:

Malicious individuals can extract personal information linked to your travel profile by capturing the barcode. This information could expose you to identity theft or fraud, risking your finances and reputation.


Potential for Travel Disruptions:

Sharing the barcode might seem harmless but could lead to unwanted consequences. Mischievous individuals could attempt to alter or cancel your flight, leading to potential travel disruptions or even financial losses.


Protecting Your Loyalty Programs:

Many boarding passes display your frequent flyer number and membership details. Sharing these can expose your loyalty program accounts to unauthorized access, potentially losing valuable miles or points.


Privacy and Geolocation:

Posting your boarding pass barcode on social media can reveal your travel itinerary, providing information on when and where you’re traveling. This opens the door to potential privacy risks and makes you vulnerable to targeted advertisements or physical security concerns.


Protecting your personal information should always be a priority, even in the exciting world of travel and social media. Be cautious and avoid sharing any images that reveal your boarding pass barcode. It’s better to be safe than sorry when safeguarding your privacy and security.

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