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October 30, 2022

As a former flight attendant, I look at travel much differently than the average traveler.  What taints my view of travel is my knowledge of the behind-the-scenes, the goals behind airline decisions, and the inner understanding of airline personnel and their behaviors.  That view colors my travel blog and the topics I choose to discuss on social media.  Here are a few realities of the travel industry and what I find frustrating about some people who have opinions about travel.

Travel for travel’s sake.

Many people sharing thoughts on travel  speak from the point of having “traveled all over the world” or “to so many places.” I often see people giving opinions on the country they have traveled to after only one or two visits.  If there is one thing my years of travel experience have taught me, it’s that no two travel experiences are ever the same.  There are many facets to a country, and one area may be vastly different from another.  Similarly, simply because a traveler has been to many destinations does not make them an expert on that destination.  Taking a single trip will not expose you to all there is to know about a country.  It simply means you have checked off visiting a destination.

Travel is unique.

Traveling during a peak travel season will be entirely different than traveling during an off-peak season.  Traveling in your younger years will be vastly different than traveling as an adult.  Traveling to say you’ve been to a destination is not the same as living or spending time in the country.  Traveling when you are self-confident and self-assured is distinct from traveling when trying to find your purpose, passion, or self.  Experiences during all these stages are distinctive to each traveler, even though travelers may simultaneously travel to the same destination.

Travel opinions.

As a travel blogger who follows all things travel, it becomes frustrating to understand the level of expertise given by travelers who travel for travel’s sake or the uniqueness of traveling.  For me, travel opinions are individual, and the fact that some people who have had the opportunity to travel can try to color or advise others on travel is annoying.  I do not color myself as an expert on travel, but I have over twenty years of experience in the travel industry and the critical thinking skills of someone who has earned a doctorate.  Therefore, I feel I am more capable of having a travel opinion worthier than the average traveler.

So, although I encourage you to follow my travel experience through my blog, I’d like you to follow it not for the sensational or trending topics but for the depth I bring to my stories on travel.   Do you agree with my blog on travel experience?  Please drop a comment below and let me know what you think.

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