Flying back and forth from Singapore to the US is a true example of long-range flying, and I have been flying this route for over ten years.  A non-stop flight can be 17 hours or more, and a stopover is a minimum of 24 hours.  So, when flying, I am very thoughtful of my options, and since I have been making this trip for many years, comfort is my number one priority.  For others, it may be budget over comfort.  Knowing and understanding your travel options can make a difference when contemplating long-distance travel.  Here are a few considerations to think of when evaluating your long-range travel options.

There are many options not only with airlines but also with the travel routes available when flying long-range.  On my recent flight from Singapore to the US, my options included many international and US carriers.  In addition, my stopover choices ranged from Paris, Germany, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dubai, and Doha.  However, those were not my only possibilities, as I also had to consider my layover times, which ranged from 3 hours to over 11 hours.

When considering airlines, reputations make a difference.  For many years I preferred US airlines because of familiarity.  Later, my preference changed to international carriers after trying Singapore airlines, which had long been considered one of the best airlines.  However, I also realized I preferred something other than Singapore Airlines as it only flew non-stop to the East or West Coast, and I then had to travel to the Central US.  I then began to consider Asian airlines such as ANA All Nippon Airways or Japan airlines, to name a few.  I then learned I could fly directly into the central US with a stopover in Europe or the Middle East.  Middle Eastern airlines such as Qatar and Emirates also offer great travel options for flying into the Central US.

After flying into and around Asia for many years, I have found that many international carriers are more adept at customer service than US airlines.  As a former international flight attendant for a major US carrier, I know that cabin crews have a significant impact.  From experience, US crews are often more arrogant, discontent, and unnecessarily rude.  Many international carriers I have flown with seem to have genuinely caring crew members and are more considerate of passenger needs. 

In short, my advice to travelers when considering long-range flying options is to consider the many choices available.  At a minimum, consider the costs as well as the travel itinerary.  The airline’s reputation should also be a consideration and general acceptance by the public.  These considerations will ultimately lead to your list of preferred airlines, which you will consider only as a last resort.

I can go on and on about travel options, but to keep my blog short and impactful, I hope these options will make travelers more thoughtful when making travel plans.  I considered my options on my last long-distance trip and chose Qatar airlines.  The crew members were great, and so was the service.  The layover was short, and the airport was fantastic.  Overall I was delighted with my choice.  If you will give more consideration to your long-distance decisions now that I have given you food for thought, let me know and drop me a comment below.