Important questions to ask if you’re planning a group trip and not using a group travel package.

April 02, 2023

I assume you are ready for travel, but is your group ready?  When planning a group trip, standard questions need to be asked: what dates, budget, destination, accommodations, activities, and how are group expenses to be divided?  However, there is much more to be considered before the group trip becomes a reality, which is why group travel packages are so popular.  When planning a group trip, often the group size dwindles due to finances, but there are other simple reasons why the trip does not go as planned.  Here are three questions beyond the standard ones to ask your friends if they want to travel.

Do they have a passport, and does it have at least six months of validity left?  Experienced group package tour operators will determine this information right away.  Inexperienced people get excited when planning a trip and often forget to consider how long it will take to get a passport or if their passport is valid.  Despite many government offices resuming regular operations, passport processing times can still be extended.  Currently, passport processing times have changed, and due to this high volume of new applications, routine passport processing can take up to 12 weeks, and expedited processing can take up to 8 weeks.  This should be one of the first questions for planning a group trip.  If your friend does not have a passport, and one is required for the trip, don’t count on them being on the trip.

If you’ve started to plan the trip and everyone has valid travel documents and identification, the next question should be the reason for the trip.  Individual group members might have different goals for the trip.  Some might want to relax, others want adventure, and others want to sightsee and explore the destination’s culture.  The excitement of planning a trip is not the same as being on the trip.  If some group members want to drink and relax by the pool, while others want to get out and explore the destination, many may feel as if they should have traveled alone and be resentful.  If group members are not fully aligned when on the trip.  It will make for an unsuccessful trip and might even ruin relationships.  Understanding the different experiences group members want can help better plan and cater to the needs and desires of all group members.

Finally, all group members should agree on transportation.  Group members may prefer the airline’s cost, comfort, or service quality differently.  Some members may be a part of an airline loyalty program and prefer a particular airline to get potential perks or upgrades.  Flight schedules and connections should also be discussed.  Some group members may prefer non-stop flights over stopovers or early morning over midday departures.  Open communication with all group members should be a priority to minimize disagreements over airline choices.  In addition, transportation at the destination can also be a concern.  Will the group be taking taxis or public transportation?  Will they be a rental car, and if so, who will be the designated driver?  Compromises must be made, but the discussion must be had before the trip planning.  Group travel packages will eliminate many of these questions.

I hope these ideas will help you in experiencing or planning a better group trip. In a group trip, the details matter, but so do the needs of all group members.  Finding commonality when planning the trip will make for a more successful trip. If it seems too much, consider professional group travel packages everyone can agree on.

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