How meeting diverse travelers transformed my life and opened my eyes to new perspectives

July 16, 2023

I started this EbonyTravelers blog to discuss the unique and different experiences of Black travelers.  Although that is still my goal, I have realized that diversity in travel has the remarkable power to unite people, break down barriers, and celebrate the beautiful diversity of our global community.  Every year, millions of travelers embark on journeys to experience different cultures, traditions, and languages.  I was recently in Turkey at the Hagia Sophia, saw a tiny police car, and thought to take a picture.  Immediately, some tourists approached me and wanted to take a picture.  Other travelers wishing to take a picture of me or with me have happened often in my travel, and I am always gracious.  Whether it was how I looked, my hair and locs, or my uniqueness, these tourists were also culturally different.  They bravely took the opportunity to experience my culture for a few seconds.

That experience was just one example of how travel fosters cultural exchange, where people from various backgrounds come together, share experiences, and celebrate differences. These travelers, like me, were also there to see and experience a part of history.  Our goal was the same, to visit the Hagia Sophia.  As a black traveler, it just so happened that I was culturally different from these travelers.  But they, too, were culturally diverse.  This photo opportunity allowed me to promote empathy, build bridges, and break down stereotypes.  These travelers were seeking an authentic experience with me and, simultaneously, allowing me to experience the same.

As we travel, I hope we learn to celebrate the diversity that travel brings.  We all discover personal growth by embracing cultural richness and promoting a more inclusive and interconnected world.  As we explore, let’s continue to uplift and respect each other’s unique backgrounds, creating a tapestry of experiences that celebrates our shared humanity.  Travel opens doors to understanding, respect, and appreciation for the rich tapestry of our global society.  As a Black traveler, I am a part of that tapestry, and personal travel stories like this merely showcase the beauty of diversity in action.

The more I travel, I realize that the travel industry is increasingly recognizing the importance of diversity.  Travel companies are actively promoting inclusive marketing, diverse representation in leadership roles, and catering to the needs of travelers from all backgrounds.  Female travelers confidently explore the world, break stereotypes, and inspire others.  Women are venturing solo, leading travel movements, and embracing careers in the travel industry.  Destinations around the world are becoming more inclusive and welcoming to LGBTQ+ travelers.  Pride celebrations, LGBTQ+-friendly accommodations, and advocacy for equal rights are rising.  And more destinations are implementing accessible infrastructure, accommodations, and transportation, promoting inclusivity for all travelers.I now look forward to the cultural exchanges I have with other travelers and am now as much more open to their curiosity, and willing to explore mine.


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