Happy Mother’s Day to all the extraordinary traveling moms.

May 14, 2023

Mother’s Day is a special occasion to express our love and gratitude to the incredible women who have shaped our lives.  This year, I’d like to take a unique approach to celebrate Mother’s Day by honoring my mom, who has inspired me to be the inspiring and adventurous traveling mom I am.  I’d also like to pay tribute to the traveling moms who have embraced adventure, explored new horizons, and instilled a love for travel within their families.  In this blog post, I will delve into the joys and challenges of being a traveling mom, the invaluable life lessons they impart, and some heartwarming travel experiences to inspire your adventures with your mom.

My mom unknowingly inspired my love of travel and adventure.  As a child, my first trip was to New York City, a new and unknown world.  I still remember the exhilarating feeling of going to an unfamiliar place. No doubt, the initial excitement, mixed with a hint of apprehension, made me realize the importance of embracing the unfamiliar.  That feeling laid the foundation for embracing transformative travel experiences.  So, I was willing and open to new experiences and adventures when a flight attendant career became an option.  My mom had unknowingly opened that path for me, and when motherhood came, juggling it and travel was seamless.

For me, motherhood started amongst a group of resilient and dedicated professionals who served as caring mothers to their families and extended their nurturing nature to onboard passengers.  I learned to juggle the demands of being a mother and fulfilling my duties as a flight attendant.  Managing irregular schedules and finding creative ways to stay connected with my family took work, but it also came with tremendous joy.  Looking back, I would never give up what many thought was such a non-traditional career for a mother.  I learned to balance the demands of travel, parenting challenges, and self-care, all while inspiring my children to embark on their own travel adventures.

As I knowingly created love and respect for travel in my children, I also encouraged it in my mother, who had fewer travel experiences than she would have liked.  Traveling with my mom created shared experiences and unforgettable memories that have undoubtedly deepened our bond. Traveling with my mom allowed her to see a part of my life she had only imagined.  I found that nurturing my love of travel with my mom created a strong and lasting connection that continues to enrich my life.  Soon we will embark on another travel adventure where we will share new experiences and create even more lasting memories.

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to honor and celebrate the incredible traveling moms who have enriched our lives.  By recognizing their adventurous spirit, nurturing a love for travel, and highlighting their unique experiences, we can inspire others to embark on meaningful journeys with their moms.  Let’s express our gratitude and love to these remarkable women who have taught us the beauty of exploration, curiosity, and embracing the world with open arms.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the extraordinary traveling moms out there!


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