I highly encourage traveling, but I also strongly suggest that travelers do some research before traveling to any destination.  Even though I lived in Singapore for several years and was familiar with many of the rules and regulations, Covid had created many changes.  Even on a dependent pass (my husband lives and works in Singapore), getting into Singapore was not an easy process.

Traveling to Singapore

Singapore provides a checklist for inbound travelers.  While this is a great tool, entry requirements and health controls are different for each passenger based on each passenger’s travel history and profile.  Singapore provides an online tool that helps to determine a travelers entry requirement.


Although not being fully vaccinated does not prohibit entry into Singapore, I highly suggest it.  In addition, vaccinations must be more than two weeks old to be considered fully immunized in Singapore.  Singapore follows the WHO EUL vaccine protocol, so be sure to verify your vaccine meets the requirements.

Covid testing.

While many countries require a negative Covid test at least 72 hours before departure, Singapore requires the test to be at least 48 hours. Since the Covid outbreak, travelers must present proof of a negative Covid test at airport check-in for all international travel.  It never fails that a fellow traveler will try to use documentation from a phone, and I have noticed where some places say a QR code is acceptable.  This was not the case for my flight, and I highly suggest printing out a paper copy of your results before heading to the airport.

Singapore arrival

Even though a negative Covid test is a requirement for Singapore, all travelers are still required to take another test upon arrival at the travelers’ expense. The test can be paid before arrival to shorten the process, and the traveler gets the results within hours.

Upon arrival, travelers are directed to specific travel lanes based on their application for entry.  I made preparations to spend 14 days in a designated hotel.  However, my entry coincided with a recent change for US travelers, and I was allowed to quarantine at home.  Airport personnel gave me a tracking bracelet and gateway, which I had to install and wear upon arrival home.  My stay home notice (SHN) is for seven days.  I have received a video call to verify that my bracelet is worn and that the gateway is activated.  An appointment for yet another Covid test at the end of my SHN has already been arranged.

After being away from my husband and dog for over a year, the effort it took to get to Singapore was genuinely worth it.  I have yet to find out if the required prepayment for a quarantined hotel will be refunded.  If Singapore is in your travel plans, research and preparation are an absolute must for a smooth travel experience.

I’ll update you on Wednesday’s blog about my release from SHN and the next steps I must complete to resume life here in Singapore.  If there’s anything you’d like to know more about, comment below.