One of the questions I get asked a lot is, “where should I go?”  Traveling is a very personal decision, and what I might find enjoyable may be vastly different from what someone else finds pleasurable.  Here are my five tips for those who want to travel but are unsure about making travel plans.


It’s important to know what your travel budget is before you decide where you want to travel. Travel costs will include not only transportation costs but lodging.  There may be passport and visa expenses depending on your travel.  The cost of food and activities at your destination will also be a factor. These are but a few of the expenses that are involved with travel.  Knowing how much you can afford for your trip and setting a budget is essential when planning travel.


When considering your travel destination think about weather and location.  Do you prefer warm weather and beaches, or would you like cooler weather and nature?  Knowing your preferences can help to narrow down your destination choices.  Another consideration is the travel season of your destination.  If you do not like crowds, then you may prefer going to a location in the offseason rather than during the peak of travel.


It’s important to consider how much time you have for travel.  A traveler can fit much more into a planned vacation that is weeklong than a weekend vacation.  On the other hand, it can be an awful experience to be on a trip where you can’t wait for the journey to end.  If you don’t have a lot of time for travel, you might want to go to a destination that’s nearer to home. With more time for travel, traveling far away is a great option.  Knowing how much time you can allow for travel will help a great deal in planning your trip


I think people often overlook what kind of travel experience they want from their vacations. Plan a trip that meets your needs, and you will have a much more pleasant experience than traveling for the sake of travel. When you know what type of experience you want from your trip, it can lead to an enjoyable experience worth your time and money.

Travel style.

Each traveler has a particular style. Two people going to the same destination will have significant differences in their travel experience based on their travel personality.  Determining if your style is more as a backpack traveler than a luxury traveler is essential. If you prefer an active adventure or lying by the beach or pool is critical to your enjoyment of travel. Your travel style can significantly impact your travel experience if it does not match your travel plans.

Determining what you value most is an essential part of ensuring you make the right travel plans.  What do you consider most when you plan for travel? I’d like to know.