Many times, travelers get so excited about taking a trip and their destination expectations, they forget to plan for the actual trip.  One should do many things to prepare before you travel, but from my lived experience, I’d like to share a few tips to get you prepared for your trip beforehand.


Charge your electronics!  It can be frustrating to be in the airport and not have access to a charger or find a plug outlet that holds the plug without you holding it into the wall.  Many airplanes now have in-seat outlets available.  However, they are not guaranteed and may be inoperative.  Be prepared and have your electronics fully charged before your trip.


Don’t forget your chargers for your electronics.  When purchased at the airport, these items are often overpriced, and there is no guarantee of finding the correct charger or borrowing one on your trip.  My tip is to place your chargers on top or in your carry-on the night before your trip, so you do not forget them or pack them when you grab your bag.


Download all the apps you will need for your travel.  Many airlines now have their apps so that you can check in or get access to inflight information or entertainment onboard.  Other apps such as airport-specific apps, packing list apps, TSA apps, or country-specific apps are also helpful.  Downloading these apps at home before you need them is much easier than downloading them over airport Wi-Fi or on the go.

Security screening

Prepare for TSA screening or airport screening.  If your outfits or jewelry contain lots of metal, be prepared to take them off before going through airport screening.  It saves you time in security and prevents the lines from backing up when you constantly have to remove items to get through security.  Additionally, plan your footwear accordingly.  It will be easier to have comfortable slip-on shoes to get through security than to have to unlace a pair of boots.  You might also like to have a pair of socks on hand, so you are not walking on cold or dirty airport floors in your bare feet.

Government websites

Finally, be aware of government websites that will have travel information domestically as well as internationally.  Some to remember are TSA, the US Department of State, and the STEP or Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.  These sites allow you to get the latest security updates for your travel or destination.

I hope these tips help you and you are more prepared the next time you travel.  Do you make any preparations that I haven’t mentioned? I’d like to know.