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Dr. Donna

Dr. Donna

Expert Traveling Coach

Travel planning is much more than simply spending money on tickets. And when it comes to planning, I hold a Ph.D. in the matter.

I am Donna. I hold a Doctorate in Organizational Management and specialize in Management Education.

I am an avid traveler, and although traveling continues to excite me and enrich my life, my experiences traveling as a Black woman have changed how I travel. I worked as a flight attendant for 23 years and traveled professionally and personally. My love of travel has only grown stronger over the years. I now travel from a more mature and knowledgeable perspective but with the realities many travelers of color experience.

If you love and are curious about travel, I am delighted to share my first-hand accounts, personal favorites, the dos and don’ts of the travel industry, tips, and ideas with you.

My travel experiences will help you gain greater insights into the traveling industry and set you on a course to prepare you better to enjoy the beautiful journeys that await you. 

My goal is for people to become better travelers. I want to encourage people to travel by giving them tips and ideas for improving their travel experiences.

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