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The “Lived” Travel Experience


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Dr. Donna

Dr. Donna

Expert Traveling Coach

Luxury travel is my style. But traveling first class has more to do with planning than simply throwing money on tickets. And when it comes to planning, I hold a Ph.D. in the matter.

I am, Donna. I hold a Doctorate in Organizational Management and specialize in Management Education.

My love of travel led me to the Airlines Industry, where I worked as a flight attendant for 23 years. Naturally, as a flight attendant, I was an avid traveler.

Although traveling continues to excite me, as well as enrich my life, my experience in the field has changed the way I travel. Therefore, nowadays, traveling from a mature experience is my perspective. Thus, luxury travel.

Therefore, I am comfortable, confident, and delighted to share my first-hand accounts, personal favorites, and the do’s and don’ts of the travel industry with you, dearest readers.

I am sure my expertise in the field as a general as well as a luxury travel advisor, will help you gain greater insights into the traveling industry and set you on a course to better prepare and partake in the wonderful journeys that await you.

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